Conversation Starters

Conversation Starters

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Some adults experience problems communicating whether it is due to aphasia / dysarthria following a stroke, a learning disability or a progressive illness. Lack of confidence, confusion and frustration can occur leaving the person feeling left out of conversations and friendships etc. 


At Activate Speech we have designed a 'Conversation Starters' pack to help the person understand and use words/phrases/sentences in the form of a conversation.


Emotionally, it can be inportant for the person to feel part of a conversation and remain part of the family or community.


This pack helps the person start a conversation and attempt to converse with another person. This acivity is important as we do this on a daily basis. 


Humourous or emotional language can also be used to entertain or amuse the person. Adding humour can lighten the situation and add colour to their day.


Simple, step by step instructions are used on how to encourage the person to firstly understand the picture/word/phrase/sentence and then use it in communicating with others, whether, through some form of augmentative/alternative system such as gesture, technology or by speaking.


The person may be attending a Speech and Language Therapist or on a waiting list. You can still use this pack in the meantime to compliment or support their progress. It is always recommended that the person is referred to a Speech and Language Therapist.


This pack focuses on …..


Auditory memory


Conversational skills, 

Social skills,




Set contains an instruction booklet with 32 photo cards, in a handy A6 size with metal case.


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