My son has delayed speech and I was so worried I looked for something to use at home while he attends his therapist in the clinic. He is only 3yrs and I was anxious to help him as much as possible. I saw these on Amazon and tried them. I love them and my son really improved with his 'sentences'. I have recommended them to some other parents . Stephanie, (Parent, London)



Hi, My daugther has Down syndrome and I was told by my therapist to laminate pictures for home. But I haven't time for this and would much rather spend quality time with her. So, when another parent told me about these I was delighted. They are so clear and my daugther loves them. Thank you.  Sandra  (Parent, Carlow)



I have a son with autism and he really engages with these real pictures. He can hold them in his hand and enjoys spending time looking at them.


Michelle (Parent, Dublin)



Well done on producing such wonderful, appropriate and much needed learning materials that enable us (teachers) support children with speech and language difficulties.  They are very user-friendly and the activities included are very concise and easy to follow.  We have a complete set in the school.  It’s fantastic to be able to get such high quality materials locally.

They are the perfect size for small hands and the children are always really engaged with the vibrant colors and relevant objects/concepts.  We have also found them useful for children learning English as an Additional Language.

I have recommended the ‘Vocabulary’ and ‘Early Language Concepts’ to parents and have received very positive feedback.'

Keep up the good work – wishing you continued success. 


Alma (Resource Teacher)



Thank you for the wonderful resources for pupils with speech and language difficulties.
We are using them in school and find them very useful for pupils with specific speech and language needs. We use them for individual needs eg where a pupils may have a specific difficulty with "r" pronunciation there is one book with ample lessons on that particular sound. Well done. A very useful and targeted resource.

Patricia Coleman (Principal Scoil Caitríona)



The quality and content of the activate speech  materials is excellent.

All the products are useful tools for every speech and language setting and for educators working with children with communication difficulties. The company provides an excellent service with good value products.


Trina Corry (Speech and Language Therapist)



I have used the photocard resources from Activate Speech with children with a range of speech and language needs. The pictures are very clear and appealing to children. They’re a great size and very portable. I have used them to help build vocabulary, sentence production and comprehension skills in children. 

Aoife (Speech and Language Therapist)8


I am a Speech and Language Therapist working with clients who stammer. The Activatespeech photocards are part of my treatment tool kit for people who stammer because they are of superior quality, relevant and versatile. My clients love using them to practice their techniques, whether they are at one word level or conversation level because the photocards are colourful and fun and in their handy packs are convenient to bring around. 

Patricia Collins (Speech and Language Therapist)


Thank you for an excellent resource. Delighted that we can now buy them locally. They are very useful for children with special needs, especially learning disability. I use the language packs in school a lot. I also like the way there are tips on how to make the speech sounds with your mouth. Very useful!

Breda Waters (Special Needs Assistant)


The kids love the 'real'  more natural pictures. They are so visual which meant more to them, especially children with a learning disability. The 'Sentences' pack made a big difference for some kids because they are so visual. The 'prepositions' pack was wonderful for putting up on magnetic  board, moving them about  and teaching the new word each day and having the children copy them . They were a big hit with the kids! One child with autism took them into the tent to look at for a long time. This was the first time he showed this kind of interest. The speech sound workbooks were very good also for children who had particular errors.

Patricia Gorham (Pre-School Teacher)


I have been practicing as a speech and language therapist for many years and was very pleased to come across the Activatespeech range of photocards and workbooks. The extensive portfolio of products available is wonderfully clear,displaying great colour and variety. Many parents have commented on the excellent quality of the products and I find the range very helpful in holding the children's attention.


Alison O'Carroll (Speech and Language Therapist)9




I seriously love your cards. All the 2yr. old boys love the red car.

I have 3 different packs in my 'go to' kit these day. Will be buying more soon!


Morna (Speech and Language Therapist)