New Voice Care book for teachers.

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New Voice Care book for teachers.

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We are pleased to announce a new voice care book for teachers. Whether you are a teacher for many years or just starting out on your career, this book has lots of diagrams, photos, graphs,tips and instructions to help you keep your voice fit for teaching. Practical changes are suggested that may suit you and your life style which can help you gain success with your voice. Hoarseness due to misuse or overuse can cause a teacher a lot of concern and lead to lack of confidence, low self esteem and anxiety. Knowing what to do to strengthen the voice can help gain this confidence back and give you peace of mind. Handy exercises are described for you to prevent problems and alert you to seeking help when things are going wrong. Physical, emotional, mental, environmental etc are all featured in this book in a user friendly way.Tailor it to suit your needs by reading a tip/day or finish the book in one go!

It is very suitable also for Speech and Language therapists as a handy reference book with photos, graphs and diagrams to show patients. A user friendly book that gets the message across.


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